Aurea4rural, Augmented Reality for Rural Tourism


Aurea4rural, Augmented Reality for Rural Tourism

AUREA4RURAL aims to create an innovative digital Augmented Reality platform for the rural tourism sector along with a training content according to the competences of the staff working in this sector businesses: managers of public Natural Parks, rural hotels and restaurants, companies providing leisure activities, culture or environment departments from rural towns and villages.

This Strategic Partnership will analyze the use of ICT in the Rural Tourism sector (competences and qualifications needs), will develop an Augmented Reality tool, training material and an e-learning platform. The Augmented Reality tool will integrate the implementation of real cases as examples to help learners assimilate their learning. Both the Augmented Reality tool and the content will be freely available through the e – learning platform.

AUREA4RURAL main outcomes are the following:

  1. To empower small tourism businesses to enter the digital and mobile world;
  2. Alignment of user-needs, app features and provided services by businesses;
  3. Results and innovation methodologies developed in the project will influence the managerial and didactic approach of the participant entities, which will boost their sustainability;
  4. A decisive step in the direction proposed by the EC to promote and exploit different forms of tourism, which differ from the mass and favor as the low season, as is evident from several initiatives:
  5. The engagement of VET authorities since the earliest stages of the project will be key for results to impact in training and labor policies, especially at local and regional level.