Russia – a unique country. First of all, the astonishing fact that on our vast territory live more than 100 nations that have all kinds of religions. Size and geographical diversity of our country are best explained by some examples: in the west, we border with the European Union while in the east, our neighbours are USA and China; we have the northernmost polar station of the world, and at the same time you can enjoy the beautiful azure Black Sea in the subtropics of the Krasnodar Territory. Russia has made a tremendous contribution to world science, technology, and culture. Famous names: Lomonosov, Mendeleyev, Tsiolkovsky, Sikorsky, Korolev, Gagarin with which we associate the greatest scientific discoveries and achievements of mankind. Pushkin, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, Prokofiev, Levitan, Vrubel, Malevich, Roerich, Serov … are not just a name: they are a symbol of greatness in literature, music, painting and sculpture. Russia is rich in natural skills of folk art. Wood carving, forging, lace, Khokhloma painting wooden utensils and furniture, Gzhel porcelain, amazingly beautiful songs and dances of the peoples of Mother Russia are just some of the stunning examples. The unique geographical position of Russia between East and West, had an influence on the culture and way of life of its people. All this grandeur of different cultures and unity of the people can not be seen from the window of the bus. For the full experience of Russia: Welcome to rural estates – Welcome to agritourism – Welcome to Russia!